Sand Hill Consulting Group


Sand Hill Consulting Group was founded to provide business and real estate development consulting services.

Sand Hill Consulting Group provides business consulting services to start-up, small, and mid-cap companies to help position a company's business for optimum profitable growth.  Sand Hill Consulting Group also advises companies in restructuring and work-out situations, where the fundamentals of the companies' businesses are sound, but they are facing extreme market forces that require a fundamentally different approach and structure to their operations.  After making sure that a company is properly structured and financed, Sand Hill Consulting Group helps clients make informed decisions related to business development opportunities, financing decisions, business combinations, marketing campaigns, and public relations efforts.

In addition, Sand Hill Consulting Group provides development consulting services to land owners, developers, and investors in an array of mixed-use residential, commercial, and office related development projects.

Sand Hill Consulting Group has established a network of banking, investing and industry resources that can be helpful in solving a client's operating and growth financing needs.